The Osaka Marathon Season Trial 2017
Happy Morning Run

Event overview

Let’s run for fun in the shadow of Osaka Castle, the symbol of the city!
This is a fun running event, which welcomes international runners from all corners of the global alongside families, friends and Japanese runners; all running together through the colored leaves of Osaka Castle Park on a crisp autumn morning. The fun and pleasure of running is universal!
So let’s run together while enjoying exchanges with international runners and the hospitality of volunteers!

Happy Morning Run

Accepting applications end!
Thank you for your application a lot.

Application overview

Event name The Osaka Marathon Season Trial 2017 Happy Morning Run
Organizer Osaka Prefectural Government, City of Osaka, Osaka Association of All Athletics
(Osaka Marathon Organizing Committee)
Main sponsor K-Opticom Corporation
Official sponsor MIZUNO Corporation, Coca-Cola West Co., Ltd. and NIPPON EXPRESS CO., LTD.
Cooperation FM802, imuraya group co., ltd., KOBEYA BAKING CO., LTD., SWAC Co., Ltd., Aoki shofuan Corporation, Hyogetsudo Co., Ltd.
Date & Time Saturday, November 25, 2017 from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. (tentative)
※Event will proceed regardless of weather.
Venue & Course Osaka Castle Park (http://osakacastlepark.jp/foreinger/english.html)
Meeting Place: Nishinomaru Garden
Course: Within Osaka Castle Park
Contents (tentative) Fun Run(Approx. 2.8 km)
※There will be no commendation or time recording.
Eligibility for participation The winners of the drawing for the Osaka Marathon 2017 (including Challenge Run category).
  • ※Group entries are also acceptable if a winner for the Osaka Marathon 2017 is designated as a group representative. Those eligible to apply for the event include runners who were not selected for the Osaka Marathon main race as group members (a maximum of five members per group, including the representative).
  • ※Those of elementary school age and older are eligible to participate.
Fixed number 500(First-come, first-served basis)
〔International slot〕400/〔Domestic slot〕100
Entry fee 1,000 JPY
〔International slot〕Credit card / 〔Domestic slot〕
Credit card or pay at a convenience store

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Prize for participation Snacks including bread and drinks (tentative)
Application period From Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. to Monday, July 31, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.
※Applications will close when the fixed number is reached, even if before the deadline.
Application method Advance application required. Please complete the application procedure via MyPage, a dedicated application page on the Osaka Marathon official website (via PC or smartphone only).
Click here for application.
Event day registration (tentative) Date: Saturday, November 25, 2017
Time: 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
Venue: Osaka Castle Park, Nishinomaru Garden
Event day schedule (tentative) 8:00 Commencement of registration
9:00 Happy Morning Run starts
10:00 Happy Morning Run finished
  • ・Dress appropriately to participate immediately as far as possible on event day as the changing room is anticipated to be heavily congested.
  • ・Due to limited space for baggage, please restrict the volume of baggage you bring.
  • ・Keep valuables on your person. The event organizer disclaims responsibility for any accidents such as illicit access by theft and loss.
  • ・Please bring your health insurance card just in case.
  • ・No day-care center facility is provided.
  • ・Please use public transportation to access the venue.
  • ・Take all garbage back home with you.
  • ・Be aware that Osaka Castle Park is not exclusively reserved for this event. We appreciate your understanding.
  • ・Follow instructions given by our staff. If you are unable to obey such instructions, we may refuse your participation.
  • ・To participate, complete application procedure and acknowledge agreement with the Terms and Conditions of the Osaka Marathon Happy Morning Run.
Terms and Conditions of the Osaka Marathon Happy Morning Run
  • ・No canceling once the application procedure is complete.
  • ・Vicarious participation is unacceptable.
  • ・The event organizer disclaims responsibility for any delay in the application procedure due to any problems with PCs, smartphones, Internet browsers and network connections during such activity.
  • ・The event organizer disclaims responsibility for illness or any other accidents suffered by participants excluding first-aid treatment.
  • ・Entry fees will not be refunded if the event is canceled for any reasons beyond the control of the event organizer i.e. earthquake, storm, flooding, snow, accidents and infectious diseases. Moreover, in case of excess or double payment, no excess paid will be refunded.
  • ・The event organizer disclaims responsibility for delayed arrival of entrants on the event day due to public transportation and road conditions.
  • ・Usage and portrait rights of images, photographs and articles covering the event, entrants’ names, ages and addresses (country, prefecture or city) used for TV broadcasting, newspapers, magazines and Internet, belong to the event organizer.
  • ・Wearing or displaying any designs or brand names representing commercial names or trade names, etc. used for advertising purposes within the event venue (including the race course) is prohibited.
  • ・If approved by the event organizer, photos and similar items may be sold on a commitment basis.
  • ・For any matters other than the aforementioned terms and conditions, please comply with the instructions given by the event organizer.
  • ・The event shall be implemented in accordance with all relevant national laws and ordinances.
Policies on handling of personal information
The event organizer shall handle participants' personal information in accordance with laws on personal information protection.
The event organizer, acknowledging the importance of protecting personal information, shall comply with all laws and ordinances concerning the protection of personal information when handling the same.
The event organizer shall use personal information to enhance services to participants, including event details, notifications of relevant information, and providing services by event sponsors, support organizations and their affiliates.
The event organizer or Osaka Marathon Call Center may contact participants to confirm the information stated in their application forms.

For application inquiries regarding the event:
Osaka Marathon Call Center
Tel.: 06-6445-3978
Business hours: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(excluding Sat., Sun., and holidays)
※Due to numerous inquiries, it may take us some time to respond. We appreciate your understanding in advance.