About Charity

Slogan「Making a Rainbow Together.」

About Charity

“Running helps someone”

The Osaka Marathon aims to help people develop a deeper understanding of charitable activities and encourage many of those participating in the race, including runners, supporters on the sidelines and volunteers to participate in such charity programs.

We hope to pump up the charity programs of the Osaka Marathon together with people by various forms of participation in the race, i.e. runners, supporters and cheerers, so all can enjoy this charity event.

About Charity

A list of charitable organization (contents of their activities)

  • ●Runners (excluding charity runners) can select a theme they wish to support from the seven charity themes.
Flagship partners(14 organizations)
  • Charity Theme (Color)
  • Activities by charitable organizations
  • Charitable Organizations
Purple To preserve our beautiful city and livelihood
Organizations, etc., that are engaged in carrying out campaigns such as regional clean-up operations to beautify towns, conserving and restoring historic landscapes, supporting the creation of communities friendly to the elderly and children, offering disaster education, or providing disaster relief
green bird
Blue To conserve our natural environment
Organizations, etc., that are engaged in supporting water supply systems, maintaining public hygiene facilities, saving animals living near the edge of bodies of water such as seas and rivers, conducting water purification activities, reforesting, conserving environments such as satoyama (woodlands surrounding farm villages), promoting urban reforestation, or providing environmental education
WaterAid Japan (Specified NPO)
Association for Nature Restoration and Conservation, Japan(NAREC)
Green To support the city of Osaka
Organizations that engage in activities to help alleviate the problem of child poverty in Osaka as well as those actively involved in projects providing children with dreams and hope
HELLO life
Yellow To support families
Organizations that support children and families requiring extended care due to incurable diseases by providing facilities with a support system for children suffering such diseases as well as various other support, including for children on the waiting list for nursery schools, day care and childcare for sick children, single-parent households, eradication of child abuse and job assistance for youngsters
Japan CliniClowns Association (Specified NPO)
Nobel (Specified NPO)
Orange To brighten future of children
Organizations that engage in activities to create an environment where children can play, learn and exercise at ease
Children's Hospice Project
Save the Children Japan
Red To support your hopes to live
Organizations, etc., that contribute to research into diseases for which cures are yet to be found or to the development of new medical technology
Cancer Support Community
Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA), Kyoto University
Challenge Partners(18 organizations)
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  • Activities by charitable organizations
  • Name of charitable organization(★Newcomer) (※1)

Supporting the dreams of children in developing countries who lack learning opportunities by providing them with the best lessons



Activities to support children who lost their parents from AIDS and pave the way forward for their brighter future

AIDS Orphan Support NGO PLAS(★)


To support high school students and help make their dreams come true

Osakafu Ikueikai(★)


Telephone counseling to help those in pain and supporting bereaved families who lost their loved ones due to suicide

Befrienders World wide Osaka Suicide Prevention Center


To foster bonds among people and create a society where people can be active in the local community★)


Working for children with cancer to help cheer them up

Gold Ribbon Network(★)


We deliver healthcare to medically-isolated areas

Japan Heart(★)


Educating girls working as domestic servants

Shapla Neer = Citizens Committee for Overseas Support(★)


Delivering vaccines to developing countries and protecting children’s lives and welfare from infectious diseases

Japan Committee, Vaccines for the World’s Children(★)


Assisting unemployed youngsters in finding work

Sodateage Net


An organization empathically supporting cancer patients based in Osaka



Delivering smiles and brighter futures to hearing-impaired children

Nagano Summarize Center(★)


Achieving a more diverse and inclusive society that is more welcoming for LGBT people



To help unlock the future of and completely cure children with type I diabetes

Japan IDDM Network(★)


Activities to improve the living environment of children in Luang Phabang in Lao

Japan Habitat Association(★)


Activities to protect human rights through research and policy proposals; both at home and abroad

Japan Human Rights Watch(★)


Providing educational opportunities as a life-long gift to children in developing countries

Room to Read Japan(★)


Supporting efforts to uphold children’s rights, strength to foster them and the ability to raise and support children

Wagamachi Nishinari Kosodate Net(★)

※1. Charity organizations are listed in the order of the Japanese syllabary.
(★):New comers since 2019