The Charities

The Charities

This year the Osaka Marathon organizers again invite you to choose the theme you wish to support from a variety of charity themes.

  • To support your hopes to live
  • To assist your dreams
  • To support families
  • To help conserve a natural environment
  • To help conserve clean water
  • For the sake of children’s bright future
  • To preserve our beautiful city

The Charities

Charity Program

The Osaka Marathon is organized as a “charity marathon” with its own original program.

"Run to help someone."

We aim to promote the culture around charity by providing many of the people connected with the Osaka Marathon, including all participating runners, all spectators, and the volunteers, with an environment for participating in charity.

Runners, supporters, spectators, and others participate in charity in their own way, enjoy giving through charity, and are committed to working together to make the Osaka Marathon charity program a big success.

So that the 4th Osaka Marathon gains still greater support, the charity themes have been broadened and the charity runners, who are focused on charity and widely promote the Osaka Marathon’s charity program, have been continued this year.

Donation recipients
Charity themes
Main activities Organization name
(※:indicates new program entrants)
To support your hopes to live
  Regenerative treatment and drug development research based on iPS cells Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA)※, Kyoto University
Supporting cancer patients and their families Cancer Support Community Japan (Specified NPO)
To assist your dreams
  To support athletes with intellectual disabilities Special Olympics Nippon Foundation
To assist non-employed young people into the workforce NPO Sodateage Net ※
To support families
  To provide medical support for disadvantaged people all over the world Medicine Du Monde Japon (Specified NPO) ※
To support chronically sick children and their whole families Nanbyo no kodomo to sono kazoku he yumewo (Give Kids the World) (Incorporated Foundation) ※
To help conserve a natural environment
  To promote afforestation in Japan and overseas more trees (Incorporated association)
To restore coastal forests lost in the Great East Japan Earthquake OISCA: Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement - International ※
To help conserve clean water
(Water Blue)
  To bring safe water and hygiene to people in developing countries WaterAid Japan (Specified NPO) ※
To protect and support refugees and displaced persons Japan Association for UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) (Specified NPO)
For the sake of children’s bright future
Food aid to regions suffering famine and poverty United Nations World Food Program (WFP) (Specified NPO) ※
Caring for sick children and supporting single-parent families NPO Nobel ※
To preserve our beautiful city
  Urban beautification activities by young people greenbird (Specified NPO)