Osaka Marathon 2011 Charity Programs

In line with the slogan “Making a Rainbow Together,” each of the event’s seven theme colors of the Osaka Marathon represents a different charity program. All runners are requested, when applying for registration, to make a donation to one charity program of their choice.

Peace, health, a clean and safe city… All of these allow us to run this race. The Osaka Marathon hopes to give shape to our appreciation, and share it across our “rainbow” to create a bridge from Osaka to the world, and from us to future generations.

Within this context, the organizers ask for support from all participants in the Osaka Marathon – runners, spectators, volunteers, and all those involved in the event.

We invite you to take this opportunity to donate one coin to the Earth and to the future. The Osaka Marathon aims to be the world’s number one marathon in terms of the number of charity supporters.

If you are a runner applying for registration in the Osaka Marathon, please select the top three charities of your choice. The program you will actually support will be notified along with your selection results. The portion of your entry fee allotted to charity will be donated to the program of your choice.

No. Charity program Theme color
1 Reinvigorate and cultivate forests Red
2 Encourage disabled athletes Orange
3 Encourage sick children and their families Yellow
4 Support activities to eradicate cancer Green
5 Spread activities to preserve and beautify landscapes Light blue
6 Sustain children’s physical and mental health Navy
7 Aim for a world with clean drinking water Purple

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