Osaka Marathon 2024

Runners' Registration (Preparation)


Preparation ❶ Registration for Athlete Bib Voucher

Please complete the following steps from the "Osaka Marathon 2024 Runner Registration Guide" email.

  1. Confirmation of registration information

    Please enter your e mail address and date of birth.
    Please confirm Athlete Bib No., Name, and Event

  2. Enter emergency contact information

    Please enter the name, relationship, and phone number on the day of the event as the "Emergency Contact".

  3. Confirm the agreements and Health Checklist

    Written oath    Health checklist  

  4. Click "I agree" to "I will abide by the contents of the agreements".

  5. Confirm the information you entered.

    Please make sure that the information you entered is correct, and click "Enter".

  6. Confirmation of the athlete bib voucher

    Pre-registration is complete., please go to the identification desk and present the QR code and identification documents On the day of the runner registration.

    The pre-registration completion screen
    * The screen is for illustration purposes only.

Preparation ❷ Identification document check

Identification documents must be presented at the runner registration desk.
Please check the list below and remember to bring this!

Documents requiring only one form for confirmation:
Personal Number Card (My Number Card), Driver'''s License, Driving Record Certificate, Passport, Basic Resident Registration Card (with photo), Special Permanent Resident Certificate, Resident Card, Physical Disability Certificate, Mental Disability Certificate, Rehabilitation Certificate


Documents requiring two forms (A + B) for confirmation:
A(With photo) Certificate issued by a corporation (employee ID card, etc.), student ID card, credit card, Taspo
B(Documents issued by public institutions) Health insurance card, nursing care insurance card, national pension book, basic resident register card (without photo), certificate of residence

Venue guide

Date and Time

February 23 (Fri., holiday) and 24 (Sat.) 11:00-19:30

  • * There will be no registration on the day of the event.
  • * No registration will be accepted after the above time, even if public transportation is delayed. Please arrive well in advance.


INTEX Osaka Bldg. 2

Address 1-5-102 NANKO-Kita, Suminoe-KU, Osaka City
Access COSMOSQUARE Station, Osaka Metro Chuo Line
Osaka Metro New Tram Trade Center Station/ NAKAFUTO Station.

Pick up Flow

  • 1

    ID Check
    (personal identification)

    Please go to the reception desk corresponding to your number and present the QR code and identification documents.

  • 2

    ●Athlete Bibs exchange

    Please pick up your athlete bibs, etc.

    ●Seven colors Wearing security band

    All runners are required to wear them

  • 3

    Participation Prizes, etc.
    Pick up

    Please pick up your Prizes T-shirt, event program, Plastic bag, etc.

  • 4

    Charity Goods
    Pick up

    Please pick up charity goods only if you have applied for them at the time of entry.

Attachment of Seven Colors Security Band

  • In order to prevent terrorist attacks (i.e., intrusion of suspicious persons) and substitute runners, we ask for your understanding and cooperation that all runners will be required to identify themselves and wear Seven colors security bands at the time of registration.
  • Please understand that the seven colors security band cannot be removed from the time of registration the day before or two days before the race until the day of the race.
* The color will be the charity color selected at the time of entry.
  • * About the athlete bib vouchers (RUN PASSPORT), please contact the following email address.
  • * Registration on behalf of the runner by someone other than the participant (even with a proxy letter) is not allowed.
  • * Running Partner will be accompanied by a runner due to a disability must bring their Physical Disability Certificate, Mental Disability Certificate, or Rehabilitation Certificate. Please bring your physical disability certificate, mental disability certificate, or rehabilitation certificate to the registration desk together with the accompanying runner.
  • * Running Partner are requested to pick up their Partner numbers at the "Help Desk.
  • * No entry fee receipt will be issued at the registration desk.
    Please use your credit card statement or invoice issued by your credit card company as a receipt.


Estimated travel time to Cosmo Square Station by train
Estimated travel time to major stations by airport bus

* There is no parking available, so please use public transportation.